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On Saturday, October 10., 2015, The École Polytechnique will host an exceptional gathering of X (current and former students) with their families in Palaiseau, Paris southern suburb, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its Alumni Association AX. This event will be much more than the two previous Magnan 2013 and 2014. The October 10. Magnan will be with the Bal de l’X (Friday, May 29. in the Versailles Castle) and a conference (December 10.), one of three highlights of this unique year.

The Magnan 2015 will be a unique opportunity to present your company in a relaxed manner to our community with peers who could be future employees or clients. To fund Magnan’s activities, we have to find sponsors. We would be very pleased if you could contribute to its success.



Presentation of your company on the Magnan program:A program will be distributed to all participants. At this stage, we estimate that approximately 1,000 polytechniciens will come to the Magnan. You can insert your logo and a presentation of your company or a message from its President on the Magnan program. 10 000 €
Your company stand:Stands from groups of polytechniciens and the Foundation of Polytechnique will be installed in the Ecole Polytechnique at the Magnan. It is possible to install a stand presenting your company’s activities. 5 000 €
Table Sponsorship for your company:We propose to introduce your company’s recruiting strategy in France and international culture to participants and particularly by targeting primarily students who will be attending. 3 000 € (for 1 or 2 tables)8 000 (for 5 tables or more)

Sponsoring activities

Balloon*:Captive Balloon flights will be offered to participants. We propose you to sponsor this activity.*Subject to weather conditions 3 000€
Debating:During the afternoon, the Magnan 2015 will host the semi-finals and finals of debating (eloquence tournament) in amphitheatre Arago (which has about 500 seats). Mr. Declan McCavana, professor of English at Polytechnique for 25 years and president of the French Debating Association, will host this event. Every year the best team of Polytechniciens confronts the other Grandes Ecoles for a final in the French National Assembly, which leaves lasting memories for the participants. This inter-promotions competition will be one of the major events of Magnan 2015. A representative from your company will make a speech at the award ceremony. It is also possible to sponsor one of the teams. 10 000 € (sponsor of the whole activity) 3 000 € (sponsor of a specific team)



Piano concert by Jonathan Gilad : International pianist and polytechnicien promotion 2001, Jonathan Gilad will give one hour concert in the auditorium Poincaré, with a capacity of 800 seats. The logo and message of your business will be included on the program and / or on banners.
10 000 €

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